Management, Strategy, and Space Consulting

Supporting organizations and individuals looking to move from reactive to responsive orientations through strategic planning, management coaching, and work space adjustments. 


I find the small problems that can stall big ideas in order to help organizations move from a reactive to a responsive orientation and achieve their goals. My aim is to assist organizations and teams to grow with intention to be balanced and resilient.


– Strategic assessments
– Work space audits
– Workflow optimization
– Design strategy
– Delegation & management training


Code for Philly
Committee of Seventy
Drexel University
Reentry Project / Philadelphia Solutions Journalism Project
Temple University
University of Pennsylvania

About Kara

Kara Lindstrom enjoys building and managing systems from a design perspective, building agency and capacity in human systems, and problem solving at both the broad vision and detailed implementation levels. She co-founded and managed the Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center of Drexel University and supported the delivery of software solutions for enterprise, mid-sized, and startup companies for PromptWorks.

Kara is a big fan of public transit, long walks, and train travel. Her degrees are in Sociology of Culture (B.S., University of Pennsylvania) and Interior Architecture & Design (M.S., Drexel University).