Sketch A Day

Images from my “sketch a day” initiative. High resolution images available upon request. The sketch could be of a new idea, an old design, or just sketching a space/item in front of me. These will be done every Monday hopefully, some are  designs I’ve come up with over the years, or are just of an […]


My portfolio of studio projects.

Metaverse Table

Snow Crash inspired table designed digitally and produced by Ponoko.  The process for this piece was documented online starting with this entry.

Final Animation

Longer Walkthrough from Kara Lindstrom on Vimeo. An improved walkthrough my thesis model. Having not mastered SketchUp animation – its fast then slow and goes through some parts like a person and flies through others like a winged creature. Oh well.

Found Object Shoe

Found object shoe sculpture made from the items found in one evening’s stroll through town.  Held together with monofilament and using black silicone and nail enamel (on cicada wings) as a decorative surface treatment.

Final Presentation

Philadelphia Underground: Revitalization of the Broad Street Pedestrian Concourse

Final Perspectives

The final twelve perspectives created in SketchUp and rendered in Photoshop.

Preparing for presentation

Twelve perspectives throughout the space in SketchUp model with a few having been further rendered in Photoshop.

3D Walk Through Animation

Walk-Thru Broad Street Pedestrian Concourse Redesign from Kara Lindstrom on Vimeo. A quick and dirty stroll through the SketchUp model for my redesign of the Broad Street Pedestrian Concourse. Walk-through is more about the sensation of moving through the space than for programmatic understanding of the redesign. The ceiling arches are not yet built in […]

Further Progress

Excerpts from the developing 3D model and impressionistic perspective renderings

In Process

The beginning of the design process for the Broad Street Underground Pedestrian Concourse – a.k.a design trajectory in 12 pages of drawings, photos, and inspiration

Research, Site & Program Presentation